Thursday, March 19, 2009

7 Reasons to Support 7 Mondays

  1. 7 Mondays is a student-edited outlet for student work. It should stay student-funded.
  1. 7 Mondays offers an opportunity for student poets, authors, and photographers to have their work peer-reviewed; giving young artists and editors alike a start. Those involved in 7 Mondays have gone on to edit other journals and write Governor-General award nominated books.
  1. 7 Mondays is inclusive. Every student on campus may submit work and may apply for a position on the editorial board. Also, any events sponsored by 7 Mondays (such as visiting authors and writing workshops) are hosted free of charge and made available to all students.
  1. 7 Mondays is part of a Mount Allison tradition. In its current incarnation it has been going for 15 years. When the University Administration cut funding for the writer-in-residence program the students in conjunction with the would-be-writer-in-residence responded by creating this journal. Mount Allison University has had literary journals off and on since 1952, several of which have benefited from SAC funding.
  1. 7 Mondays is distributed to every student. Exposure to the work of our peers is important for the cultural fabric of our community. Even those books that are returned are put to use at recruitment fairs, and other Mount Allison events adding to the profile of the institution beyond the campus boundaries benefiting all students.
  1. 7 Mondays is one of the few public outlets for undergraduate work.
  1. All of this 7 Mondays-wonderfulness is made available to you for 3.00$ a year (or 1.50$ a semester).

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