Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Introduction of sorts.

As is stated below the question of 7 Mondays (a journal of literary and photographic work) funding is once again going to be put to the students. This is an opportunity to open up a dialogue about the value this journal has on campus. We will update this blog daily with literary and photographic works from past 7 Mondays, letters of support from former contributors and writers-at-large, as well as articles discussing the merit of investment in the arts in general. We invite everyone to make ample use of the comment functions so that we might have a lively discussion. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum vote we hope that we can inspire some discussion and reflection about the role of artistic ventures at Mount Allison and in society through this web-space.

So without further ado, here is a piece that was featured in Volume 14 of 7 Mondays:


The quarry cliff is nearly fifty feet
Of sheer, flat drop. Its blasted sandstones are
The same red stones that constitute the town.
Cat throws one off the cliff - its shattering
Makes satisfying wreckage, echoing.

Tim Jones

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