Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your Daily Dose of 7 Mondays History

From Volume 14 (2008):

- Isabel Gertler

From Volume 2 (1996):

High Park and Dandy Lions

I want to clasp the floating seed that falls
from crowns of whitened weeds woolfrayed and round
in to the the sea of churning breeze that drawls
and stalls, far flung tips and whips unbound

These seed off tops of weeds go rolling past
where old men pipe, fade and tan on Wednesday
check time and check mate to see how fast
they think and act, now that they do not play

nine to five games. sleep and again, sweet sleep
black suits, nic-smoke ease-full cups of blend
morning wives, sons, tax raised, dues payed all keep
lives that end tired with brill and wax shoes to lend

neat pride; young quicker men in black suits go
a dozing piece moves. wool eyes close. winds blow

- Shelton Deverell

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