Thursday, March 12, 2009

An open letter from a 7 Mondays founder

This letter was passed on to us from former 7 Mondays editor Bess Winter; she received it from Amanda Jernigan, one of the founders of the journal, when 7 Mondays funding was up for referendum in 2006.

She writes:

"To the SAC, Mt. Allison University:

I am writing to express my support for the SAC's
continued support of Mt. Allison's magazine of the
literary and photographic arts, 7 Mondays.

I currently work as a writer and editor. My work has
appeared in literary journals across Canada, and
recently in the American journals Poetry (Chicago) and
Parnassus (New York). I also serve on the editorial
boards of two journals: The New Quarterly and Canadian
Notes & Queries.

My connection to 7 Mondays as an undergraduate at Mt.
A (1997-2001) was a key part of my introduction to
literary-magazine culture: how does one compile a
submission; what is it like to work with an editor;
what sort of etiquette surrounds a public reading of
one's work.

7 Mondays has been a stepping stone into the world of
literary publication for generations of Mt. A.
students. It is also a fine production in its own
right: well designed and well produced, and -- because
of its cross-disciplinary scope -- allowing for witty
or provocative juxtapositions of word and image.

It would be a disservice to the cultural life of the
university -- and of the town of Sackville -- for the
SAC to withdraw its support from this magazine. I hope
that you will choose, rather, to make a firm
commitment to 7 Mondays in the years that come.

Amanda Jernigan
Mount Allison class of 2001"

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